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many of the interior valleys. these temperatures still dropping a bit. down to the 20s and 30s in many spots, many unofficial spots reporting temperatures into the 20s. looks like as we head throughout the day we'll watch these numbers moderate. mostly clear skies out there now. 33 degrees in concord. 32 and freezing in santa rosa and 33 degrees in san jose. we managed to have a little bit so that's enough to keep the temperatures up in some spots. toward the afternoon highs only going to be in the 40s and 50s but i'm seeing signs we may see a little taste of spring in the future. i think we could use that. right now out in the cold, list list is braving these chilly temperatures. in walnut creek. >> reporter: another dry chilly morning and here in walnut creek we have been monitoring the temperature on this electronic sign outside of this bank in downtown. it says 30 degrees right now. it's been fluctuating a bit throughout the morning. weather we first got here, only -- when we first got here, only 28 degrees.
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we are right in the middle of the cold snap in the whole state of california really here in the bay area frost on the windshields. you want to grab a jacket and gloves. over into the temperatures dipped into the 20s and 30s in many parts of the bay area. on sunday, san jose saw a record low of 26 degrees. it was 22 in santa rosa. and here in walnut creek, a weekend low of 23 degrees. crowds were sparse at the walnut creek farmer's market over the weekend and residents not used to this type of weather were trying to stay warm. >> actually get warmer moving aroun than doing nothing. >> i went to starbucks and had my coffee outside because i love it. >> it's 25 degrees. >> it's great. that's life. you have to get cold. you have to get warm. >> four nights in a row we have had a freeze warning in the north bay and east bay. other areas have been under a frost advisory. even though the sun has been coming out during the day, really hasn't helped that much.
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the highs have been lingering just in the 40s and 50s throughout most of the bay area. get the latest on the weather by visiting live in walnut creek, elissa harrington, cbs 5. citrus growers in southern california are sweating out another cold morning in their groves. navel oranges and lemons have apparently survived without much damage but there may be damage to the mandarin crop. people who run nurseries are also on edge. this landscape supply company owner says he was able to salvage some of his trees. >> we moved our citrus trees young ones undercover night before last. >> los angeles set a record low this morning at 35 degrees. and winds are blowing up to 5 miles an hour in southern california. the cold snap there isn't expected to break until tomorrow. 6:03. new this morning one person is injured at an apartment fire over in berkeley. flames breaking out around midnight at one of the units at the building on 2300 block of
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acton streets. residents had smoke inhalation and burns to the arms. none of the other four units was damaged. no word on what caused the fire. let's check the roads. >> liz, take it away on a monday. >> a lot of folks going back to work after the weekend and so far no major incidents out there. we were watching a couple different things. we had a stalled-out truck for a while. that's out of lanes. you get nothing out there now that could really cause you to slow down, nothing blocking any main lines of any roadway so this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. both directions at the limit. similar story at the bay bridge. we're checking to see when they turn those metering lights on. this is usually what it looks like before they do. you can see the middle lanes get by fine. the outer cash lanes are stacking up pushing towards the end of the parking lot so no metering lights just yet. elsewhere all the approaches to the bay bridge so far pretty good. these are live drive time sensors coming down the eastshore freeway. still about 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze.
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elsewhere reports of black ice. chp node this early this -- noted this early this morning. stretches of 92 between skyline and half moon bay be careful across that commute. bart all trains on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. oakland city leaders are calling for a state of emergency after a deadly weekend and later today those leaders and the police all expected to announce a new plan of action on how to deal with the gun violence in the city of oakland. several people were injured in a shooting on seminary drive last night. there were three nonfatal shootings yesterday. on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. some officials say it's time to bring in the national guard and many residents support that idea. >> anything, even if they make us uncomfortable, anything that would -- we are open to exploring the ideas. >> i'm okay with that. let's do it. let's do it. two thumbs up for that, let's do it. >> 6 people have been already killed in oakland so far this
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new year. a rape suspect is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a woman in her apartment here in san francisco. police say 25-year-old javon jones of marin city barged into the apartment on telegraph hill as the 26-year-old came home saturday night. jones allegedly demanded money, forced her onto the floor. police arrested him in a backyard on green street and charged with robbery, race and false imprisonment. thousands attended a gun show at the cow palace over the weekend. many showed up because of possible stricter gun and ammunition laws. california already has the toughest gun laws in the nation. the owner of the show says tougher laws hurt his bottom line. >> it's cumbersome. i certainly wouldn't endorse it because it is more difficult to do business. >> no one was able to walk away with a new gun from the show. in california, there's a ten- day waiting period and a rigorous background check. meanwhile, the head of the nra says it's unlikely congress
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will pass a new ban on assault weapons. david keene talked about gun control on cnn. he says other things can be done with regard to gun sales. a ban on assault weapons is not the answer. >> one of the things that we have pushed for, for a number of years is including those who have been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent and potentially dangerous on the list of people prohibited from buying firearms. that has not been done. >> vice president joe biden's proposals to curb gun violence could be sent to president obama as early as tomorrow. biden's recommendations will include universal background chicks for gun buyers and new limits on the capacity of magazines. and this is live look at john hopkins right now in baltimore, maryland. this is where michael bloomberg is expected to speak at a gun seminar. it's a gun control summit. maybe we'll check in later to see what he has to say. residents of newtown, connecticut are debating the future of sandy hook elementary
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school. >> the big question they are facing right now, is it better to reopen it or to just tear it down completely? the site of last month's mass shooting killed 20 children and six adults is still a crime scene. sandy hook students and teachers are holding glasses now at a school in a neighboring town. residents discussed what to do with the vacant school. >> i still think we should respect [ indiscernible ] or the [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] to happen to that school. >> residents discuss the possibility of tearing the school down completely or demolishing only the portion where the people were killed. some say it should stay standing and reopen. school officials plan to meet privately with victims' families for their input. after the mass murder at sandy hook public schools in san francisco will have safety drills here. district officials are working with police to carry out an
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active shooter drill. police will have digital versions for the floor plans of san francisco public schools and those maps will be viewable on smartphones. a consultant for pg&e says the company had proper safety measures in place before the deadly san bruno explosion. the consultant testified before the state public utilities commission last week defending the utility against allegations its pipeline safety program was lax. pg&e promised to overhaul its systems after the explosion in 2010 killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes. more bad news for the dreamliner. japan airlines says a fuel leak repair job on a jet isn't working. the 787 is under intense scrutiny after a series of problems in recent weeks including a cracked cockpit window and some computer problems aboard. u.s. government stepped in now ordering the review of the new high-tech jetliner but despite the probe, the government does say the 787 is safe to fly. and new this morning, the
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regional transportation authority plans to file a lawsuit against united airlines today. the airline is accused of side- stepping millions of dollars in taxes by making faust claims about buying large amounts of jet fuel from an office in rural illinois. united officials deny wrongdoing. >> it might be good the 9ers are away this weekend. the san francisco police could use a break after saturday's game. 92 people were ejected from the packers-9ers game. 25 more were arrested for being drunk in public and two for auto burglary. the national hockey league is going to have a season. the sharks opened training camp yesterday and fans greeted the team in san jose. the sharks open up the regular season next sunday night on the road at calgary. the players have a new contract and the lockout is finally over. >> i'm glad they finally put their differences aside and decided to come back and give the fans what we deserve, a
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hockey season. >> we were upset with the lockout. hockey is a huge part of our household. and when we heard that there was a lockout, we quite literally didn't know what to do with ourselves. >> well, the season is being shortened to 48 games and they will all be within the conference. the sharks play at home january 24. >> we have waited a long time. time now, 6:11. lance armstrong gets ready to lay it all out. what we already know about his candid sitdown with oprah. >> and all this cold weather didn't stop bart riders from shedding their trousers. the public transit trend that happens once a year. >> is that lawrence? >> i never saw this coming. >> two long lost siblings who didn't think they had any family left. the amazing way a 7-year-old and an ipad brought them together. coming up.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo.
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aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. yesterday was the annual "no pants su well, more goosebumps than you might expect on bart. yesterday was the annual no pants subway ride. passengers were encouraged to ride bart into san francisco from all over the bay area fully dressed except for their pants. they were, however, expected to wear underwear thank goodness. nudity is banned. the event has no agenda. >> there's no protest, no message, just having a good time in a crazy city in the middle of the winter. [ laughter ] >> the no pants ride began in new york in 2002. now it's an international event with riders in 59 cities around the world going pantless. i love the people in suits, you know, their tops, their suits and then no pants. >> you know, riding bart today bring a magazine and newspaper. >> meet want to sit on that little thing. >> just a thought.
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>> i don't know about those seats. >> just another day on the old bart train. [ laughter ] where do you put the wallet? let's go live to the eastshore freeway. this is a live look at westbound 80. it's getting busy out there if you are coming down the eastshore freeway. this is close to ashby avenue where we sent our photographer this morning. so thank you for that live look. i just checked the drive time still only 20 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so far it's not bad. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, they just turned the metering lights on shortly after our last report so now you can see what's going on. that pattern that's formed with the fastrak lanes getting by okay, that's all changed now. so now we are starting to see delays in the cash and the fastrak lanes and it's stacking up beyond the first overcrossing there in the distance. so maybe 10 minutes or so to get you on the span. elsewhere let's check the maps and other live traffic cameras. the biggest issue this morning is reports of black ice. the only part that chp has noted is stretches of highway 92 between skyline boulevard and half moon bay. again just a heads up traveling
6:16 am
along that area. otherwise, the nimitz 880 in oakland, this is a live look near the coliseum. everything looks good so far if you are commuting southbound towards oakland airport. fro and clear down towards highway 92 and golden gate bridge once again moving at the limit heading into san francisco. and marin county. that's a check of of your "timesaver traffic." here's lawrence with your forecast. >> very chilly early on today. the atmosphere very dry outside. but likely seeing frost out there. temperatures plummetting overnight down to the 20s and 30s. see that cold air that offshore wind that's bringing chilly temperatures even at the coastline could see a little frost. we wind up with sunshine and still some cool temperatures outside and staying dry but i think warmer weather, in fact, maybe even feeling a little bit like spring as we get in toward the middle of the week. freeze warnings are up for the interior valleys this morning until 9:00. temperatures down in the 20s and 30s and looks like these
6:17 am
temperatures plummetting in many spots right now but we have seen a little wind enough to keep the temperatures up in spots like napa valley, 42 degrees. freezing in san rafael freezing in santa rosa and 35 in livermore, 33 hovering above freezing in san jose. high pressure building in over the next couple of days bringing plenty of clear skies as the ridge moves overhead. these temperatures will moderate and warm up a bit not as cold as night and warmer by day. around the state today 50s into the central valley, only about 29 degrees and cold in lake tahoe. around the bay, you will see the numbers in the 50s in the south bay. 40s and 50s in the east bay and 50s inside the central bay. next couple of days though we'll watch those temperatures warming up and by wednesday, mid-60s. wednesday and thursday, staying nice and mild right into the weekend so a taste of spring on the way. >> i'll take it. >> you do not see sun balls across the board in january. >> usually one week that feels
6:18 am
like spring in january. i think this is it because next week we may have rain. >> we'll take the spring weather for now. >> thank you. 6:19 now. former cyclist lance armstrong says he will speak candidly today about the doping scandal that led to his ban from in the sport. he will give a limited confession and apology in an interview with oprah winfrey. today california state university starts offering classes online. first online program is for business administration students. it's been offered through cal state-fullerton. csu is using technology to offer 25 hour help for online students. the university is now accepting applications for online classes through the monterey bay and dominguez hills campuses, as well. two long lost siblings in the midwest are now back together. and they are reu nighting
6:19 am
possible by a 7-year-old boy and his ipad. clifford and four other siblings were placed in separate foster homes in chicago as small children and after a separation of 60 years he found his only living sibling his sister betty. >> my heart was going 60 miles an hour. and i have never thought it would come. >> he reminded me a lot of my brother bob, who i knew. and he is deceased and it was like seeing him again. >> the 7-year-old son of clifford's landlord got on his ipad and looked for betty on facebook. he says he knew he had found her because of the physical resemblance. you can see it there. now clifford and betty are so appreciative they are opening a college fund. >> how nice. >> for the boy. a 7-year-old. >> to get them together on an ipad. they probably said oh, sure, go ahead. >> it's cute. >> it is 6:20 now. feeling the pressure.
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the warriors fall to another potential play-off team. >> plus the 49ers opponent in the nfc championship is set. the showdown is sunday.
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have their opponent for the n-f-c championship next weekend... it was decided in the fourth qu the 9ers know who they will play in the nfc championship game next weekend. it was decided in the 4th quarter in atlanta. seattle scored three 4th quarter touchdowns to take a one-point lead with under a minute to go. with eight seconds left atlanta's matt bryan made a 49- yard field goal for the win. the 9ers play at atlanta next sunday. should be a good game. bay area native tom brady is going back to the afc championship game against the
6:24 am
ravens. he passed for three scores to become the winningest post- season quarterback in nfl hit when they beat the texans yesterday. he won 17 play-off games in his career an amazing career there. the patriots beat the texans in massachusetts 41-28. that was a beatdown. >> i did watch all of that one. >> i know you did. the warriors have hit a speed bump for the first time this season. >> i did not watch this. some scary moments in the 3rd quarter. we go to denver. stephen curry stayed in the game after he tweaked his knee. jerry jacques hits giving the warriors a six point lead with 10 minutes to play. the nuggets outscored the warriors 37-18 in the 4th quarter and they win 116-105. the warriors in a bit of a nosedive right now. play of the day the perfect toss in an amazing athleticism coming together to produce our play of the day. michigan at ohio state.
6:25 am
scott with the transition, one- handed slam thompson. and it's good. ohio beats michigan state. tip of the cap to the women's basketball team they beat stanford in pac-12 play first loss for stanford in 81 games. >> it was an upset. >> yes. it's the first time stanford has lost since 2009 in the pac- 12. so nice win for the bears. it's 6:26. coming up, outrageous overtime. how san francisco's muni managed to go $18 million over budget. >> and following a bloody weekend, oakland plans to take drastic measures to curb gun violence in their city. another very chilly morning in the bay area with some freeze warnings in effect. just how cold is it in your neighborhood and when can we expect things to finally heat up? we'll have that for you coming up. [ male announcer ] e career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025 we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's
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freezing cold wearing this kind of jacket. >> a california cold snap keeps us in the deep freeze. >> we are looking at freezing temperatures developing around the bay area. >> 6 to 12 loud shots that were close. >> it's been such a violent weekend city leaders as well as oakland police are drafting a plan now with different scenarios. >> oakland city leaders consider a state of emergency while some call for the national guard patrols on the streets. >> i'm okay with that. let's do it. let's do it! two thumbs up. >> crowds in a bay area gun show. >> it was like some kind of political climate. it's created an artificial demand. >> a month after the sandy hook shooting, americans remain divided on gun control. >> i would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> the lockout is over and the
6:30 am
san jose sharks are back on the ice. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's monday, january 14. i'm michelle griego. >> happy monday, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31. and i got an electric blanket turned on now. i threw it on the bed. it was cold last night. >> it was. it was a little chilly out there this morning, too, lawrence. >> i thought i was going to check in on the set there. i thought you had it with you! i mean, it's very cold around the bay area. i think a lot of folks in the other parts of the country saying what, that's it? but this is cold for the bay area. outside now we have some 20s and 30s. nice clear skies. high pressure building overhead you got that offshore wind. that combining to bring some dry air so overnight temperatures dropping off although we have seen enough of a wind outside to keep some of the temperatures surprisingly warm this morning in spots. still, we have some freeze warnings up in the interior valleys overnight lows expected to drop into the 20s and 30s
6:31 am
this morning. we are seeing that now. you have clear skies out over the bay. the temperatures not bad in some areas. it's 40 in oakland. 43 in san francisco. we are seeing a little bit of a breeze there. but 33 degrees hovering around freezing into concord, 32 at the freezing mark in santa rosa and 33 degrees even in san jose. so some widespread frost around the bay this morning. by the afternoon, the temperatures moderate but still cool only in the 40s and 50s. there's a hint that we might see some spring weather coming up a little later this week. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now we are going to check with our reporter out in the thick of the cold, elissa harrington in walnut creek. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. well, this weather catching some people off guard because it is much colder than what we're used to. we're here in walnut creek and this time of year the average low is in the mid-30s. this weekend it get down to 23 degrees here am a big difference. this morning we are looking at 36 degrees downtown. when we first arrived this morning, it was 28. so the weather definitely
6:32 am
fluctuating but you are going to want a jacket and gloves because it is chilly. there is a freeze warning in effect until 9 a.m. in the east bay and north bay. and this weekend it got to 23 degrees in walnut creek. heather farm park was covered with frost and crowds were scarce at the farmer's market. people who live here are not used to this type of weather. on sunday, san jose had the a record low of 26 degrees. it was 22 degrees in santa rosa. now, while the bay area is bundling up, some from those colder states who are now here say this really isn't too bad. >> i have lived in northern michigan. this is not -- no. this is not cold. this isn't cold. this is cool but it's not cold. >> it's much different than this. this is a good, good day in minnesota. this is a great day. we would just wear sweatshirts on days like this. >> reporter: four nights in a row we have had a freeze warning in the north and east bay. other areas have been under a frost advisory. the sun has been coming out but hasn't really been warming up. the highs have been averaging
6:33 am
in the 40s and 50s. live in walnut creek, elissa harrington, cbs 5. new this morning, fire investigators over in berkeley are trying to figure out the cause of this apartment fire that left one person injured. flames broke out around midnight at one of the on the at the building on the 23 -- at one of the units at the building of the 2300 block of acton. none of the other four units were damaged. there were some smoke inhalation and burn injuries. it's looking good on the roads. it's been uneventful since we got on the air a couple of hours ago as far as accidents go. a live look closer towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580 half hour between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. two our other maps and live traffic cameras, mass transit off to a great start. no delays for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. very early this morning, chp noted they got reports of black ice. highway 92 both directions
6:34 am
between skyline boulevard and half moon bay. as ee conditions there. no accidents in the -- icy conditions in the area. but no accidents in the area. milpitas, 880/237, no delays there heading towards san jose. everything looks good down towards oakland airport. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a big announcement expected today from oakland police and city leaders they hope to share a plan of action after a deadly violent weekend. at least five men were shot during a birthday party on seminary drive last night. all of the men are said to be in stable condition. there were a total of three shootings yesterday. on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. no arrests have been made. some city leaders say they have had enough. >> i think that not only a stat of emergency but we also need to call out -- reach out to
6:35 am
other law enforcement. if it's a u.s. marshal, the sheriff, the state police, that's what oakland needs to immediately to be able to deal with this crime issue. >> in this new year, there have already been 6 homicide. last year there were 131 homicides the most in sixers. a rape suspect is under arrest in san francisco after allegedly assaulting a woman in her apartment. police say 25-year-old javon jones of marin city barged into the apartment on telegraph hill as the 26-year-old woman arrived home on saturday night. jones allegedly demanded money and forced her on to the floor. police later arrested him in a backyard on green street. turnouts at gun shows are increasing. thousands attended a gun shows at the cow palace over the weekend some saying because of the possible stricter gun and ammunition laws. california already has the toughest gun laws in the nation. the owner of this show says tougher laws are hurting his bottom line. the head of the nra says it's very unlikely congress
6:36 am
will pass a new ban on assault weapons. david keene talked about gun control on cnn. he said since other things can be done with regards to gun sales, a ban on assault weapons is really not the answer. >> one of the things we have had pushed for is for those adjudicated to be mentally incompetent and dangerous not to be allowed to buy firearms. that hasn't been done. >> vice president joe biden's proposal to curb gun violence could be sent to president obama tomorrow. biden's recommendations will be universal background checks for gun buyers and new limits on the capacity of magazines. we have some live pictures from baltimore. gun policy experts are convening at johns hopkins university to discuss issue such as keeping weapons from those with serious mental illness. mayor michael bloomberg will open the two-day summit this morning. president obama will hold the final news conference of
6:37 am
his first term at 8:15 this morning. a white house official telling cbs the president will discuss economic and budget issues in his opening statement. he will also elaborate on the upcoming fiscal deadlines like that debt ceiling. a special public hearing is scheduled tonight in san mateo on the fate of a new 7-eleven store. the store opened weeks ago in a vacant building. neighbors were upset when a special permit was grand changing the zoning from residential to business. the city planning commission has recommended the store be shut down. city council will vote tonight at 6:00. a pizza chain has settled a complaint with san francisco that it did not follow the city's healthcare law. the chicago pizza shop will spend $320,000 some of that about $200,000 going to current and former employees who were eligible for healthcare benefits but did not get any. a city investigation discovered the chain charged customers a
6:38 am
surcharge without using the money for healthcare as required. over time taking a bite out of the muni budget in san francisco. 22 of the biggest overtime earners in the city last year were actually muni employees. they racked up a total of $18 million in overtime. according to the "chronicle," 10 muni supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime alone. facebook has come up with the latest innovations to spot child porn and stop pedophiles from sharing it on the website. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us now on the telephone with more on what some are calling facebook's csi. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. facebook now has an entire department made up of some former fbi agents whose sole job is to identify possible child porn images, tag them and then send them to organizations working with law enforcement. not an easy task when you consider that facebook users upload about 300 million pictures every day. but the social network is being aided by a technology called photo dna which can identify a
6:39 am
known illegal image even if it's been edited or manipulated. there is sort of a digital fingerprint and it's immediately flagged when uploaded. once an image is identified it's forwarded to the national center for missing and exploited children and they pass tips to local law enforcement. according to this morning's "mercury news," the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force has received more than 1500 tips and that was for last year. back to you guys. >> thank you. kcbs radio's matt bigler, thank you. 6:40. coming up the awards season officially upon us. some of the big winners from last night's golden globes. >> plus back to the future. the king of american sports cars is back. with some green tweaks. >> the marketed opened 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. out of the gate rather slow. we'll have more after the break.
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6:43 am
apple apparently doesn't need as many iphone parts as it had expected. can you imagine how cold it was yesterday and no pants on bart? >> south lake tahoe was below zero. >> unbelievable freezing. and now you have people in the bay area riding around without clothes on. >> how was that? did you enjoy the ride? >> very refreshing. >> we have some cold air sitting over the bay area right now. if you are looking outside, we have clear skies just about everywhere you go. high pressure dominating our weather. we are seeing that,offshore wind bringing in dry air. that's why temperatures have been very cold in the early- morning hours. cool temperatures in the
6:44 am
afternoon with mostly sunny skies. warmer weather is on the way maybe even spring-like toward the middle of the week. still, freeze warnings are up for many of the valleys until 9 a.m. these temperatures dropping off in some of the unofficial sites into the 20s already this morning. around the rest of the bay area hovering above freezing in concord at 33, also 33 in san jose and 39 even in san francisco. get the idea we are going to see some widespread frost early on this morning. high pressure will make its way overhead so once it moves by that means that ridge is going to warm up and moderate and bring us warmer days. temperatures in the 50s in the central valley. low 50s into the south bay today, 52 degrees in milpitas, 51 fremont. east bay 40s and low 50s. north bay a little warmer mid- 50s into santa rosa, about 52 in san francisco and 53 in alameda. next couple of days, temperatures are going to be warmer mid-60s maybe by wednesday and thursday going to feel a little bit like spring.
6:45 am
enjoy it, long-range forecast the return of rain. >> thank you, lawrence. outside now, it is cold, so you may need seat warmers. bundle up. now, we are not seeing any big hot spots as far as the accidents go. we were seeing one incident at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a stall but it was quickly cleared. it was a stalled-out bus. but as you can see, now it's just the usual delays unfortunately. no major difference from any other morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on around 6:00. a little after. it's stacking up towards the 880 overcrossing so right now about 15 minutes or so to get you on to the bridge and then it's pretty slow going up the incline section, as well. sensors picking up brake lights. here's a live look down the eastshore freeway. our photographer this morning capturing this live look near ashby and berkeley. let's go to the maps. drive time right now is in the yellow. 20 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. this is one of our slower spots. look at that in the red, half hour on westbound 580 from the
6:46 am
altamont pass to the dublin interchange. all that traffic trying to squeeze through livermore right now. black ice is still in our chp reports reported early this morning on stretches of 92 between skyline and half moon bay. that's a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. apple apparently doesn't need as many iphone parts as it expected. with details on that and more, let's check in with kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> reporter: "wall street journal" reporting this morning that apple cut its component orders for the iphone 5 in the recent quarter leading to expectations that there will be lower sales for the iphone 5 than expected. analysts warned about this last month saying the story isn't new news. but this is pressuring apple stock lower and it's falling around $500. apple stock hasn't been below $500 since february of last year. it's also weighing on the stock
6:47 am
market this morning. toyota saying this morning that it sold 9.7 million cars and trucks in 2012. because of that, it regains its global sales crown from general motors which took it back from toyota for a year after the devastating tsunami and earthquake in japan which slowed production over there. gm in second with just under 9.3 million cars and trucks sold. volkswagen quickly gaining ground on gm, it sold 9.1 million cars and trucks last month which will be a record for volkswagen. stock market off to a flat start this morning. the dow is up by a fraction. nasdaq down 6. s&p off by 2. apple is really weighing on the nasdaq. apple shares down 3.5% at $503 per share. back to you. >> thank you. you may soon see privacy notices popping up on apps on your tablets and smartphones. california's attorney general wants the same guidelines on
6:48 am
websites to protect people with mobile devices and "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin is here to chat about this. i guess this is kind of a legal gray area for some time? >> reporter: that's true. so with 1600 apps being introduced to the market every day, we're all entering all kinds of private information that if it were a website there will be privacy disclaimer. california has tight privacy laws but whether those apply to apps and to what extent apps are supposed to be doing things to protect our privacy is a gray area. so friday the state attorney general kamala harris released her report called privacy on the go, recommendations for a mobile ecosystem, letting app makers know what it is that the attorney general expects them to do. now, this contains recommendations like have a privacy policy that people can look at prior to downloading a particular app. and also to have pop-ups that come up with when you do put your information in the regular fields that say, here's what we plan to do with this information, here's how long we
6:49 am
want to keep it so the consumers can be informed. this is a policy statement but not a law. she is letting know this is how the california attorney general will be interpreting the online acts. >> this is one of her pedestrian projects based on the fact that tech is part of california's economy. last year she created something called privacy enforcement and protection units in the attorney general's office and this is lawyers specifically designated to look into online privacy issues. also last month, the attorney general sued delta because their fly delta app was collecting names, e-mails, and for flyer mile information without a privacy policy. so basically this report that she came out with on friday could be entitled, how not to get sued like delta. if they are found guilty of violating the privacy protection act, they could suffer $2,500 in fines per
6:50 am
violation. so that can be a ton of money based on the number of people that use the apps. >> that's a whole new frontier? >> reporter: it is. one more thing. [ inaudible ] >> whatever. >> especially before you go with the practical effect. >> there are going to be pop- ups that you will be able to pay attention to or not. most of us are going to not. having said that, a lot of the app makers are angry that they are going to have to go through this whole process that people will ignore. but at the least there will be a whole new market for apps to protect people's privacy. >> 1600 apps a day introduced? >> a day. >> amazing. >> you can find more on melissa's segments on time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york probably watched a lot of football over the weekend. good morning, charlie. >> indeed i did. good morning, frank and
6:51 am
michelle. we have explosive new details on the death of actors natalie wood. a new report raises serious questions about whether she accidentally drowned. john miller will break the news. plus, how the island of ma kao is the world's largest gaming mecca and this the python challenge. we'll take you along for the big hunt in the everglades. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. all right. some more big news. the royal baby we have a due date now. buckingham palace says prince william and kate middleton's first baby is due in mid-july. if the new prince or princess arrives early, he or she could share a birthday with walmart's mother princess diana who was born july 1. the duchess of cambridge is doing better. she was hospitalized earlier for severe morning sickness. the royal baby will be third in line for the british throne. a big night for ben affleck
6:52 am
at the golden globes. his movie argo stealing the top honors. >> the award goes to "argo." >> the night was full of surprises. adele won for skyfall and former president bill clinton showed up to introduce "lincoln." he got a standing ovation. among the other winners, "les miserables," daniel day-lewis from "lincoln." actress in a drama jessica chastain for "zero dark thirty." and actor in a comedy or musical hugh jackman for "les mis."
6:53 am
>> there are so many movies i need to see. so as toyota pulls ahead of general motors in worldwide car sales gm is out with a new corvette. look at this. the 2014 corvette stingray was unveiled yesterday at the auto show in detroit. it's the first new version of the popular muscle car in nine years. gm redesigned it to meet government safety and fuel requirements. the company has not put a price tag yet on this new corvette. but i'm thinking i wouldn't be able to afford it. >> lawrence is eyeballing it right now. >> he is. [ laughter ] >> mice rid -- nice ride. coming up, a football look at your top stories including an announcement by president obama. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. oakland are calling for a state of emergency after a deadly al people in our top stories this morning, city leaders are calling for a state of
6:57 am
emergency after a deadly weekend. several people were injured on seminary drive last night. friday four people were killed in separate incidents. no arrests have been made. one person was injured at an apartment fire in berkeley overnight. flames broke out at one of the units of the building on acton street. a resident suffered smoke inhalation and burns to the arm. none of the or four units was damaged. -- none of the other four units was damaged. president obama will have a news conference this morning. the president will discuss economic and budget issues in his opening statement. he will also elaborate on up coming fiscal deadlines like the debt ceiling. cbs news will carry it live in a special report. his inauguration in a week. >> exciting to watch. let's get a check on the weather again. it's cold. >> very cold around the bay area this morning. freezing temperatures in many spots. freeze warnings are up for many of the valleys this morning. overnight lows dropping down to the 20s and 30s. going to thaw out this afternoon under mostly clear skies. boy, looking good out there over the bay bridge right now.
6:58 am
temperatures chilly in spots. we have 36 in oakland, 29 now in santa rosa. 35 degrees in san jose. i think as we look toward the afternoon 40s and 50s. spring-like toward the middle of the week. >> looking forward to that. we have a quick accident update. southbound 101 at broadway three lanes are blocked right now heading into burlingame. so expect delays along the peninsula. 280 might be a better option. also coming into walnut creek southbound 680 at treat one lane is blocked. >> we have to cash in our bet. that green bay anchor team that bet us that the 9ers would lose? >> yeah. >> i know. >> they are going to sing "i left my heart in san francisco" later on this week. i'm thinking thursday, right? >> they are going to hold a piece of cheese while singing am so hey, love it. that's it for us. see ya. captions by: caption colorado
6:59 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 14th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the flu crisis forces new york's governor to take drastic measures as a vaccine shortage spreads. a bombshell revelation expected today in the probe of natalie wood's death. our john miller breaks the news that could turn this infamous case upside down. and the glitz and the glamour of the golden globes including jodie foster's spriding speech. we begin this morning ith a look atted too's edtoday's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. my whole body hurt. my temperature was about 103. >> they're out of flu shots. >> just don't want to get sick. >> the flu outbreak spirals across the country. >> the virus is now widespread in 47 states according to the cdc. >> new york's governor andrew cuomo has declared a publi

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